Second Ashra – Days Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is to do Astaghfaar for all sins committed so far by Muslims especially in the second Ashra of Ramadan and to repent unto Allah. Do Astaghfaar, feel sorry, desist from committing it again, and make sure not to fall for the same sin again.Dua for the second Ashra is: Translation:  “I seek forgiveness from Allah, [...]

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Faq pertaining to Zakaat

Zakah is Fardh (compulsory) upon every sane adult Muslim (male and female) who possesses net-Zakatable assets (i.e. Zakatable assets over and above one's basic needs minus liabilities) to the value of Nisab (minimum threshold) for one's Zakatable (lunar) year. Zakatable Assets: 1. Gold and Silver: All forms of gold and silver, jewellery that contain 50% [...]

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10 tips to see the best of Ramadan

Ramadan is awaited with much anticipation - a special guest that visits us annually. To ensure that we are prepared for our visitor the following is a ten-point check list that we should try to uphold to see the best of Ramadan.   Do with the heart – There should be no ulterior motive in welcoming [...]

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