Weather the storm of low returns

You can’t fix a slump – stay with it – because feeling a tad disillusioned by your investment portfolio is a sign of the times, says Eugene Visagie of Morningstar Investment Management SA (MIMSA). For the best part of five years, investors could be excused for thinking they’ve been hitting the replay button on a [...]

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Laylatul Qadr-The Night of Decree!

Allah Ta’ala in His infinite Mercy has favoured us in so many ways. Such blessings that we cannot possibly enumerate nor show sufficient gratitude to the Almighty. Amongst the many blessings include a very special GIFT..Laylatul Qadr- The Night of Decree. It is an opportunity to gain closeness to our Creator, forgiveness of our sins and an elevated position in Jannah (Paradise). The Night of Power is better [...]

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