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Taqwa (Piety) has three Levels

Taqwâ (piety) has three levels: 1. Do not use such things or wealth that the jurists and ulamâ have declared harâm (forbidden), as using these will result in one becoming a fâsiq (open rebellious sinner), and his testimony will be rejected in court. This is the level of piety of the common Muslim. 2. The [...]

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The Tax Advantages of an Endowment.

The Tax Advantages of an Endowment. To build a successful long-term investment portfolio, one must consider ways to enhance their capital whilst finding efficient mechanisms to reduce your taxes. Endowments remain a useful investment vehicle and offer a disciplined way of saving where you are committed for a certain period so that you can reach [...]

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Rising cost of Medical Schemes

How Important Is It to Keep My Medical Schemes? The cost of Medical Schemes in South Africa is staggering, and prices keep on rising. This year, the average increase in monthly contributions is way above consumer price inflation (CPI). Coupled with rising costs are dwindling benefits. So what's causing the very high cost of basic [...]

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