Why not invest your capital in an asset you can rely on?

Gold, unlike other investment options such as shares and cash in the bank, holds intrinsic value and acts as a shield against inflation. During times of economic uncertainty, its position outside the banking system makes it a great portfolio diversifier, assisting in securing your family’s and your financial future.

Features and benefits:

•    Shariah compliant;
•    Seamlessly convert cash into gold;
•    Preferential pricing on krugerrands directly from the rand reserve;
•    Total security of gold holdings;
•    Perfectly liquid;
•    100% flexibility on contributions;
•    No fixed term obligations;
•    Invest from R500 in Traditional Wealth;
•    Inflation resilient savings.

(Long term history shows us that gold outperforms cash in the bank)


Historical performance is not an indication of future performance